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A Novel and Patented Method For Reducing Body Fat

   'SLENDER FX and Why It Is the Newest Technology in 50 Years for Weight Loss'

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Listen to Dr. Wallach and Craig Walcott - Live

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Listen to Dr. Wallach's  'Exercise is Suicide' tape

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Why You Should Supplement

There are 90 nutrients essential to human health. A common recommendation made by most medical doctors is that in order to get all the nutrients necessary to maintain health you must, on a daily basis, eat food from each of the four basic food groups. Dr. Joel Wallach challenges this belief and highlights the reasons why it is practically impossible to get all the nutrients necessary to achieve and maintain opitimal health by eating food from the four food groups.


Dr. Wallach's Protocol

A visit to Dr. Wallach's Online Catalog will reveal over 250 individual wellness products. Certainly each has its own application and use and can add to a person's quality of life. However, rather than a scattershot approach, the most efficient, least expensive and logical way to make good use of Dr. Wallach's supplement offerings is to start with the "core" supplements, the three supplements that establish a baseline nutritional foundation of the essential 90 nutrients.


Dr. Wallach is the proud author of the most popular health lecture of all time, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie." His audio tape, by the same title, has enjoyed world wide circulation and sales upwards of $50 million ...

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Why Youngevity

In your search for Dr.Wallach, Youngevity, formerly American Longevity; Colloidal Minerals, Nutritional Supplements, the 90 Essential Nutrients and Dead Doctor's Don't Lie, you found many American Longevity sites. The reason is Youngevity, formerly American Longevity and all of Dr. Wallach's companies market through Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is An Equal Opportunity where people, like myself, can earn retirement income and time freedom. I've been involved with many Network Marketing companies for over ten years, and Youngevity, is the ONLY company that Worked for me!

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