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Welcome to Youngevity's Essential Life Sciences!

The greatest of all dreams is to own your own business! We invite you to be part of our family of successful Business Building Associates who have taken their first steps toward realizing their dreams.

Why Build Your Own Youngevity Business?

At Youngevity, we know what it takes to make those dreams turn into reality. It takes

DESIRE. A desire to create your definition of success and your willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

PERSISTENCE. Sometimes itís easy to get discouraged, but if you are persistent and stick with the game plan, your efforts will be rewarded.

ENTHUSIASM. Your enthusiasm for our products and Dr. Wallachís message inspires those Associates who join with you and it will personally motivate you as you develop your business.

Reach Success at Your Own Pace

One of the unique features about owning your own Youngevity business is the ability to progress within the Compensation Plan as quickly as you want. If you want to jump right in and achieve Senior Executive Marketing (SEMD) Director status your first month in the business, itís entirely up to you! Youíll be paid at the SEMD level from day one! Thatís right Ė even if you donít qualify as a SEMD until the very last business day of the month, Youngevity will retroactively pay you as a SEMD for the entire month! This isnít hype weíve sent commission checks to people who have done it!

More Than 400 Products

With more 400 innovative and technologically advanced products to choose from, Youngevity is the simple choice for starting your own business. Itís as easy as re-directing your product purchases. Instead of buying from the grocery, department, or drug store, youíll purchase your vitamins, mineral supplements, skin care, makeup, jewelry and personal care items from YOUR OWN STORE. Youíre going to buy those items anyway, why not get paid for it? Of course, your ultimate success will result of your efforts into building your business-through the success of others you bring on board.

Get Paid Up To 10 Ways!

As you progress within the Compensation Plan youíll gain more compensation opportunities-up to ten different ways!

  1. Retail Profits

  2. Unilevel Commissions / Residual Income

  3. CEO Leadership Coding Bonuses

  4. Fast Start Bonuses

  5. Quick Start Bonuses

  6. 2% Infinity Leadership Bonuses

  7. Monthly Silver Mercedes Car Bonuses

  8. Dream Car Award Program

  9. Revenue Sharing

  10. Stock Option Rewards Program


Why You Should Supplement

There are 90 nutrients essential to human health. A common recommendation made by most medical doctors is that in order to get all the nutrients necessary to maintain health you must, on a daily basis, eat food from each of the four basic food groups. Dr. Joel Wallach challenges this belief and highlights the reasons why it is practically impossible to get all the nutrients necessary to achieve and maintain opitimal health by eating food from the four food groups.

Dr. Wallach's Protocol

A visit to Dr. Wallach's Online Catalog will reveal over 250 individual wellness products. Certainly each has its own application and use and can add to a person's quality of life. However, rather than a scattershot approach, the most efficient, least expensive and logical way to make good use of Dr. Wallach's supplement offerings is to start with the "core" supplements, the three supplements that establish a baseline nutritional foundation of the essential 90 nutrients.

Dr. Wallach is the proud author of the most popular health lecture of all time, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie." His audio tape, by the same title, has enjoyed world wide circulation and sales upwards of $50 million ...

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